My hundred-dollar tips for PE Exam – POWER

I just took the NCEES Principles and Practice of Engineering Examination (ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER–POWER) last Friday. Here are my tips for other future examinees.

Some good study materials:

Camara’s reference manual – you need to know where to find reference
NCEES “Power Sample Questions and Solutions” – similar problems encountered during the real exam
Kaplan Sample Questions and Solutions – nice to have but not necessary
Your own Power System Analysis textbook – mine is by Bergen & Vittal

Some key points:

Induction motors – lots of questions in this area
Three-phase power analysis – of course!
Transformers & Per unit analysis
NEC code – those most used tables in Camara’s book, some others as well(hey the goal is to pass not to score perfectly)

Get a general understanding of other knowledge areas mentioned on NCEES website and you should be fine. If you tend to over study for an important exam then familiarize yourself with all those Sample Questions and Solutions. The exam is multiple choices questions style and the discipline is power, there are really not many types of questions that they can give you during the exam, at least you can guess one out of four.

Hopefully these tips can save you a couple of hundreds dollars from those expensive courses. Good luck! I am finally back to my MBA preparation.