Who am I?

An engineer with a normal job but still have dreams.

What do you do for a living?

I am working in the energy industry. By energy I mean power/electricity (not oil/gas/fuel). Sounds like a sunset industry? If I mention green/renewable/alternative energy and smart grid, people probably will get excited. While all those glamorous ideas are nice and may solve the future energy crisis as people claim, they need to be integrated into the grid first. That is part of the reason why solar and wind can’t solve everything. They also gotta figure out a way to effectively make money. Sounds complicated already…

Why are you blogging?

So that I can laugh later and see how naive I was.

Why the name Law King?

Similar pronunciation if you read my name in Cantonese. Not that I am in law school, though I will have a MBA from NYU Stern in 2014.


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